14 JUNE 2015 - A demand letter is the first step to resolving any legal dispute.  Whether you are owed money, are fighting an insurance claim, or want to threaten a person using your photos on the internet, the first thing you need to do is formalize your demand in writing.

Until now, this has meant either doing it yourself (which is a serious challenge for the uninitiated) or hiring a lawyer – which often requires an initial consultation and fees of between $500 and $1000.

“ScaryDemandLetters.com is a new kind of business” explains Ross Townson, founder of the business and a lawyer himself. “We do one thing only – we write scary demand letters – and we do it well.”

“I was tossing around the concept for a little while, because my parents – bless them – were continually referring friends to me for legal help”, explains Ross. “I couldn’t charge them money, of course, but I found myself always drafting these letter that they could themselves send – so I was a kind of ghost writer. I loved doing it so much, and there was obviously a need for this service at an affordable price, so here we are!”

“To be honest” Ross elaborates, “I have seen so many vulnerable people used and mistreated by powerful players over the years – by government, their employers, their mobile phone companies and especially the insurance industry – and often a single letter saying STOP – I understand my rights – is all that’s required to make them agree.” “But sadly, it’s so rare that people take action that they just get away with it time after time.”

“Hopefully, we can put a stop to that.”


ScaryDemandLetters.com is the brainchild of Ross Townson, a qualified lawyer with a Master’s Degree in International Law.  Ross has been writing demand letter for years and has a talent for achieving results for himself, friends and family.

The idea behind ScaryDemandLetters is that at some point in life, everybody needs to put the fear of god in another person in order to ensure their rights are protected. We exist to make that process, unpleasant for many, quick and easy.

Clients provide ScaryDemandLetters with the details of their dispute and we provide them a complete demand letter, ready for sending, for a flat $197.

We perform all necessary research to ensure the maximum impact of out letters, but are not a law firm and recommend that if a client has legal questions they consult a lawyer in their own jurisdiction.

However, in our experience, often a single letter does achieve the desired result.