Kappix is a software development vendor that offers DRoster Employee Scheduling Software free to businesses and organizations of all size and industry.  

DRoster automates the process of creating shifts, rosters, rotas and all types of work schedules relieving busy managers of the burden involved in scheduling.  DRoster is currently being used in the following industries:

* health care
* libraries
* hospitality - hotels, inns, lodges, B&B
* convenience stores
* universities and schools
* correctional facilities
* emergency services and police departments
* restaurants
* laboratories
* casinos
* health clubs
* churches
* volunteer organizations
* airlines
* cleaning services
* pharmacies
* small retail stores
* convenience chain stores
* transportation services
* manufacturing plants
* elderly care facilities
* call centers
* help desks
* law firms
* shipping and delivery services
* airports
* construction companies

Kappix offers 2 DRoster Editions:

DRoster Premium - a free fully functional 45 uses trial with advanced capabilities. DRoster premium is available for download at http://www.kappix.com and all valued download websites.  

DRoster Freeware - a free scheduling program that schedules up to 100 duties after which you can delete old duties to keep scheduling indefinitely.  DRoster Free Edition is excellent for very small businesses that do not require advanced scheduling capabilities.

Both editions come with support at no cost. Users do not need to register or provide credit card info to download DRoster Premium and DRoster Free Edition.

Kappix also offers live demos via remote session to organizations that are interested in learning more about DRoster.  These sessions also include a demonstration based on questions and requirements.  To schedule a demo contact info@kappix.com or sales@kappix.com.