Scholabo Ltd provide the secure, cloud based private social network 'Scholabo' to schools across the UK and beyond.

Scholabo improves school communications between the school, teachers and their parent communities by;

- Providing a secure, private networking site where school and class information can be shared and accessed 24-7
- Building a central store of useful documents, letters and memos that can be viewed at any time
- Serving information to parents in a way that is timely and most importantly 'relevant' to them
- Reducing the requirement to communicate via paper, saving money as well as the planet
- Allowing direct private messaging between teaching staff and parents (if the school chooses)
- Giving a central point for parents to access homework or study notes to assist their children
- Creating internal Forums for schools to collaborate with their parents on ANY topic
- Creating secure National and International Forum for teaching staff to share best practices or thoughts on ANY topic

Our stated company objective is to become the number one choice of communication platform for schools by September 2012.