Since 2007, Denver-based School Safety Partners has helped develop legislation to advance school safety and security, and has promoted best practices in schools through publications, exercises, summits, funding assistance, and extensive video production.

The Colorado School Safety Task Force, an ongoing School Safety Partners project, has been a primary drafter of the following legislation:

SJR14-031 - Establishment of Safe Schools Month

SB14-164 - Aerial Firefighting Fleet Aircraft Acquisitions

SB13-138 - School Resource Officers in Public Schools

SB12-079 - Safe2Tell Program Revisions - School Safety

SB11-173 - Interoperable Communications in Schools

HB10-1054 - Higher Ed Safety Protocols Presentation

HB10-1136 - K-12 Schools Emergency Safety Drills

HB09-1009 - Require Public School Emergency Drills

SB08-181 - Coordinated Response to School Incidents