Want to really motivate your students? Want to have an educational program that also keeps students engaged and in a learning frame of mind while they have fun?
Educational Programs That Truly Teach, Inspire and Entertain.
We Offer Curriculum-based Fun for Students and Teachers!

School assemblies don't have to be either educational OR fun -- they can be BOTH...which is why Dennis Regling & Company visit some schools year after year after year. Another reason: students AND teachers ask for him to come back.
The key reason: Mr. Dennis' technique which mixes entertainment and information so kids laugh and learn and retain. It has been repeatedly proven that students retain key points when principals have quizzed students after Mr. Dennis' shows on the theme and specific information.

All shows are carefully geared to EACH AGE GROUP. There are always several programs to choose from and if your school has a special theme, we can adapt it for you at no additional expense.

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"Mr. Regling had our students captivated with his science demonstrations. The pacing, content, and flair were perfect for elementary aged students. In fact, it’s the first school assembly I’ve attended where the students sprang from their seats and delivered a unanimous, spontaneous standing ovation!"
James Graham, Principal
North Brookfield Elementary School, Franklin, MA

"Mr. Regling:
I would like to thank you for coming into our district and your performances.  I have received a lot of positive feedback from the teachers and saw first hand how engaged the children were.  
In addition, I would like to commend you on your ability to control the assembly."
Thank you.
Tracia VanKlaveren, Southwest PTA, Geneseo, IL

"We lucked out this year because Dennis was available for our assembly.  He came in and did 90 minutes of engaging, entertaining and educational material that held our interest the entire time.
His show mixed science, math and humor which was perfect for our Middle School Audience."
Thomas J. Presti
St. Thomas Team
Sixth Grade Team Coordinator
Archer Lodge Middle School