schwa-medico has been developing, manufacturing and distributing products in the fields of pain management and rehabilitation for 35 years. schwa-medico is a German company with branches in France, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Hungary and is supported by a global network of representatives. schwa-medico has been market leader in Germany for many years with its outstandingly successful portable TENS, muscle stimulation units and acupuncture supply.

Our Products
•     TENS units
•     Muscle stimulators
•     Electrodes
•     Braces
•     Intelligent crutches
•     Incontinence units
•     Portable laser devices
•     Stand-alone laser devices
•     Portable EMG units
•     Portable ultrasound therapy units
•     Acupuncture needles
•     Acupuncture laser
•     Radiofrequency lesion generator

In addition to our principle of constant development and innovation we are committed to perform optimal service in order to meet the demands and wishes of our customers today and in the future.

Impulses in pain management and rehabilitation
For many years, transcutaneous electrical nerve and muscle stimulation has been applied with excellent results in hospitals, surgeries and home use. The extensive appreciation of physiotherapy and non-medication therapy as well as the search for low-cost and easy-to-use therapies with few side effects have all promoted treatment with portable TENS, EMS and ultrasound devices.

Newest development
The intelligent crutches for partial weight bearing, acupuncture needles with special handles, a laser designed for the treatment of allergies, a new radio-frequency generator, a laser for blood radiation, and highest quality knitted braces are counted among our latest development. Each product is developed by a cross-functional team of physicians and other specialists. As a leading supplier of medical devices schwa-medico has successfully marketed these pain relieving and muscle strengthening instruments in numerous medical fields such as pain management, anesthetics, neurology, orthopedics, rehabilitation and internal medicine.

Modern medicine in high quality technology
Today, schwa-medico is an integral part of modern medicine thanks to the convincing track record of its products. With its low level side effects and pro-active therapy schwa-medico‘s products are today a tried and tested component of pain management and rehabilitation procedures.