Sci-Brain is a unique program that offers a validated, science-based action plan for improving your “brain reserve”.  Brain reserve is a measure of the strengthening and expanding of connections between neurons that gives you the fundamental ability to preserve and improve cognitive functions.  The more brain reserve you have, the better you are able to protect your brain from insults such as, stroke, head injury and the symptoms of dementia. Think of it like building strong bones to protect against osteoporosis.

Our program supports lifestyle choices that are scientifically associated with the preservation and improvement of memory and to reduce those factors associated with the development of Alzheimer's disease and related conditions.

Neuroscientists and researchers from the internationally acclaimed, not-for-profit Roskamp Institute -- a research organization focused on finding cures for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias -- evaluate all participants and make individualized, research-based recommendations for lifestyle choices.  Sci-Brain is the only program using a proprietary algorithm that calculates your Brain Reserve Index™ (BRI). The Sci-Brain team creates a program to help you build brain reserve.  We continually update our program with new information from the Institute.
We are Nationwide.

Sci-Brain is a program that can be delivered anywhere in the United States and Canada through our network of qualified professionals and your personal physician.