We are proud to be one of the first certified CLEAR Treatment Scoliosis Centers in the world.  We serve patients from around the globe who are looking for an effective treatment alternative to the current medical approaches of spinal bracing and surgery.

The CLEAR Institute treatment program is focused on the reduction and stabilization of scoliotic curvature, but it is also focused on giving the patient hope, opportunity, and empowerment to manage their own condition.  Scoliosis is a disease that affects the patient both physically and mentally, as well as placing enormous emotional strain on the family as a whole.

We recognize that the scoliosis patient is more than just a crooked spine on a set of x-rays.  Each patient is a person with a life and a family that has supported him or her on their search for help.  The disease of scoliosis has a way of emotionally and physically victimizing each patient.  This program can restore lost hope, strength, and spirit.

Don’t let a lifetime be defined by scoliosis.  We can show you how to fight back and how to win.