Since ebay's gradual decline and loss of members, alot of new alternative auction sites have opened, but one stands out from the crowd, by offering something new that not even ebay offers its members.  A retirement plan with medical & dental insurance at the lowest available rates thru its Affiliate Program.

ShowBidz.com owner Scott Christenson, a retired SMSgt with the Washington Air National Guard, and currently working as an Air Traffic Controller with the FAA at Honolulu tower in Hawaii, developed a unique pay system that pays its members sales commissions from the selling fees their referrals pay to the auction.

Instead of ebay taking 100% of the selling fee profits, ShowBidz.com splits those profits with their members that promote the site and recruit referrals thru the Affiliate Program.

Chistenson wanted a way to profit share with his members "since they are the experts and what makes an auction successful", by offering them these basic things we all want out of our jobs, a secure retirement plan that you can bank on, and medical & dental insurance for our families.

After running FotoAds.com from 2004 to 2006, Christenson realized he could not compete with ebay and how expensive advertising was, so he decided to shut down the auction site.  Scott realized he would have to adapt and do something different and unique in order to compete in this market, and after three years of brainstorming and planning, came up with a very simple profit sharing plan.  

If you send your friends ShowBidz email invitation with a special link in it, and they register as your referral, you will earn money on a continous basis from the selling fees they pay to list items on the auction.  On top of this, if your referrals recruit other members, you will get an equal split of all the selling fees they pay to the auction.

If you recruit 10 referrals,  and each of them recruits another 10 referrals, that is 110 referrals that you will be earning sales commissions from, on an on-going basis, and there is no limit to how many referrals you can recruit.

This pay system allows members to profit share and have part ownership in your own Co-op auction, but without all the headaches.

Members can not only build a steady income flow, but retirement income that will grow with you, as you get older.

Since alot of online auction sellers are self employed and work out of their homes, this pay system will give them the tool they need, to afford medical & dental insurance thru ShowBidz lowest available rates insurance program .  

Read more details of this unique Affilate Program at www.ShowBidz.com