Scott Denholm’s contemporary ocean scenes tell a story of love and betrayal between nature and humanity by capturing fleeting moments of raw power and infinite beauty of our coastlines and oceans. Scott’s carefully chosen colour palettes and unique rhythmic style draw the viewer's attention to expose long lost feelings, memories, and emotions of their personal relationship with the ocean.

Whether it be family holidays to the beach as a child or a seasoned surfer; a new relationship or decades strong - those emotions never leave you and are confronting. Scott’s paintings transcend age and resonate differently among viewers depending on their bond with the ocean, often as a sensory overload revealing memories of youthful adventures, familiar smells, sounds, sights, and touch.

“Everyone’s relationship with the ocean is different. As a surfer, my relationship is an erratic but balanced kinship - there’s a lot of emotions. I absolutely love it; I feed off it, it energises me and inspires me daily. But I’m always respectful, cautious of becoming satisfied and complacent - just when you think you’ve conquered her, or you’ve felt comfortable, she will put you back in your place and humble you with her raw power and changing moods.”

A champion for marine conservation, Scott’s art helps bring awareness to environmental issues, raising funds for not for profit organisations and inspiring change in mindset away from the status quo of relentless progress at all costs.

A force to be reckoned with and already in collections internationally, Scott Denholm is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s most sought after emerging artists - his paintings can be found in galleries around Australia from coast to coast and directly from the artist himself at www.scottdenholm.com. Visit his website now and contact Scott to commission a scene that only he can interpret that resonates with you.