Within the Energy and Sustainability marketplace, we are a mobile solution and application development company. We build branded solutions for utilities, energy retailers, commercial clients and public solutions that go beyond the evolution of conservation and sustainability efforts. Our goal is to revolutionize consumer and employee engagement for utilities by providing them with a mobile platform that connects them directly with their customers and employees; allowing for an effective two-way communication. Our solution will reduce the ‘cost-to-service’ for utilities while driving customer and employee satisfaction while facilitating the delivery of new services, conservation programs for utilities.

We believe in building solutions that make a difference.

Our vision is to provide game changing solutions to enhance connectivity and improve the sharing of building, utility and energy information. We are empowering the marketplace through automated access to energy conservation data, utilizing mobile technology for much more stimulated social change in order to encourage sustainability. De-personalized ‘Big Data’ will be available to utilities and interested parties for conservation, demand management and analysis to drive sustainability initiatives.

Screaming Power’s strategic motivation is to create and evolve a game-changing Enterprise Mobile Solution (EMS) for utilities while also establishing an end-user mobile toolset to assist in energy, building management, conservation and education. Through our continuous efforts over the last three years, this movement is becoming a reality. Utilities need to communicate with their customers, as well as their employees in a more robust and open fashion while the communication methods need to be cost effective, provide value and use modern technologies that embrace change and modern innovation.

Operational since 1996 and incorporated in 1989, Screaming Power is a wholly owned company. CEO, Gary Michor has over 20 years of experience leading firms and developing web based integrated market data infrastructures for the energy sector. He has been able to establish and develop one of the largest privately owned energy transactional data hubs in the world, maintaining 90% of market share while advising multiple data integration projects for affected markets. Michor applies his expert knowledge to providing unique expertise in understanding the data process and the software between the meter and the consumer.

Screaming Power has a detailed understanding of the relationship with data in the Energy Industry and is working on various Canadian and International engagements.

"The Screaming Power " Business Approach

"Imagine an Energy Ecosystem We Build Together"

Screaming Power's relationship structure welcomes involvement from parties within the business sectors. As an open business model, we promote an open business approach to allow stakeholders with the same goals to invest, assist, educate, collaborate, learn and evolve.

Screaming Power uses a "Business Accelerator" approach with the focus on "big data" in the energy industry. We feel the energy industry needs to embrace the secure sharing of standardized data in order to evolve. This business model is new to the industry, but we feel it is required to accelerate and enhance a truly technically advanced smart grid for the betterment of the future. The business model is straightforward,

   effectively utilize available resources
   create simplicity in a complicated industry
   increase evolution throughout mobility by maximizing the flow of pertinent data
   increase the industry’s image to entice and innovate


Our vision is to provide game changing solutions to enhance and improve sharing of utility data while empowering the marketplace through automated access to energy information. To achieve global recognition as an innovative mobile energy company through the setting of open, non-proprietary communications and data standards and solutions.


To be a leader in building Mobile infrastructures for "big data" and increase the use of new technologies for the betterment of the energy providers and our community. To continue creating solutions, manage the flow of information while allowing access to those that can assist in supply chain innovation. To assist in bringing the multiple data islands together while providing shareholder value and company reputation.

Our Strategy

To be the company that promotes change. To work with creative parties who seek the same results.  To expand our offerings through partnerships, alliances and innovative people.