There are four types of responsibility/authority we are given by a client:
1) INFORM: For those who want to do this themselves, we offer a custom designed road map on how to get there on your own.
2) TRAIN: For those who admit they need help, but can't afford to hire someone to do the work. We'll create the campaign design and give you the tools to run it.
3) SETUP: We can get everything setup for you to run. It's easier to run a campaign that's all setup for you.
4) RUN: This is the core of our business. You don't have to keep up with everything that's going on (on the other side of the screen), you simple give us direction for whom you want to connect with and we take it from there.

Our top service is Reviews and Analytics - but our reviews filter the bad ones and our Analytics can send you anonymous visitor contact information in real time or scheduled, or email you when a specific company visits your site (even if they just look):
1) Send customer service email or text.
2) Filter responses so 1-3 stars are handled internally and 4-5 stars are publicized across top review platforms.
3) Turn website traffic into Leads with contact info emailed to your sales team.
4) Fix business listing on 50+ directories.
5) Instant or scheduled message for new reviews, or whenever specific clients/leads are on your website (and where they go).
6) Competitive Bench-marking (track your competitors customers).
7) 5 Star Review/Website; monitoring, generation, management and marketing platform.