Scribes-Smith Publishing seeks to showcase talented writers with compelling stories to share, but  are unable to get their work published simply because they do not possess the same Eurocentric connections that many major publishing houses deemed worthy or worthwhile.

The truth is, not everyone share the same background and not everyone have the same stories to tell. We live in a multicultural world and although some of our stories might be the same when it comes to a common thread in our human experiences, we all have different perspectives and we all deal with things differently, and so it is our desire to tell our stories with the daily rituals of our culture as the back drop. With these differences in mind, the hero or heroine in our stories may face the same obstacles, strive for the same goals, but they come in many shades of colors, diverse ackgrounds and from various levels (caste) of our society.
We all do have something in common, the need to express ourselves and the need to see our handiwork come to life on the pages of a book and possibly, one day on the silver screen. Scribes-Smith Publishing was established to publish and promote the stories for writers who have not gotten the chance to be represented in the main  stream literary world.

So whether your story is set in the most exotic of places, the island of Jamaica to Africa's,Timbuktu or from the streets of Brixton to the main street of America, Scribes-Smith offers an alternative to experience a world unread and an insight into someone else’s imagination other than what we are accustomed to.  
Since Its inception, two great novels have emerged and have now moved in the next phase of promotion with limitless possibilities.

With this dawn of the new millenium, main stream books and movies have become predictable, and we often can tell who will die first in many of the stories.  Because of this need, new voices and perspectives need to emerge so tht we can find room for

Scribes-Smith is looking forward to form an interdependent, supportive relationship within the community of writers. Dedicated to assist under developed writers who do not have the resources or know how to achieve their dreams in publishing their very own literature, Scribes-Smith would like you to consider our joint venture initiative, If you yourself would like to have your book published and promoted towards specific persons or category.
Visit our website at http://www.scribessmith.com and you can also view releases of our published books at our website .