Scripped is the leading provider of web-based screenwriting software (similar to Google Documents) on the Internet. With nearly 70,000 users, Scripped grows its membership by 50-100 writers/day. In addition to our software business, Scripped finds scripted and unscripted written content for movie producers, web producers, brands and agencies. Scripped clients provide specifications for the type of content they are looking for (e.g. 15-page horror script) and our 70,000 writers then go to work to write the content; the content seeker purchases the winning work in exchange for prize money.

Our content clients include Spike TV, Edward Burns (Saving Private Ryan, 27 Dresses, Confidence), Steven de Souza (writer of Die Hard, 48 Hours and Commando), Girl2Watch.com, and others. We currently have a 100% satisfaction rate amongst our content-seeking clients.