About ScriptRunner® by AppSphere AG:
ScriptRunner® helps to map IT processes in an automated and delegatable way, so that they meet the requirements of a fast, error-minimized and always comprehensible IT operation, and makes PowerShell a real solution. An automated IT landscape is future-proof, increases employee productivity, the speed and agility of your company and enables efficient and economical IT operations. We at ScriptRunner® also support you with our Action Packs, which provide you with ready-to-use PowerShell script collections.

ScriptRunner® is the leading all-in-one solution for all PowerShell operations and activities. The platform provides answers to the automation, delegation, control and monitoring demands of operating and managing increasingly complex IT infrastructures.

Well-known medium-sized and large companies from various industries, including August Storck KG, Clinical Center Ingolstadt GmbH, state capital Munich and Bechtle AG, already rely on ScriptRunner®.
ScriptRunner® is a product of AppSphere AG. Since its foundation in 2010, the headquarters of AppSphere AG are located in Ettlingen, part of the Karlsruhe technology region.

Further information: www.scriptrunner.com