We manufacture and sell the only scrub pant accessory designed to prevent your scrub pant bottoms from dragging on the floor. Our product is made in the United States and is patent pending.  Scrubbies (TM) are ideal for anyone who wears scrubs in any environment.  Ideal for same day surgery centers. hospitals, clinics, dental offices, vet offices, dialysis centers.

Scrubbies are velcro strips of elastic and washable material which wrap around the ankle and over the scrub pants to keep them from dragging.  Our motto is "your pants can sag but they shouldn't drag".

Scrubbies help prevent trip and fall accidents, cross-contamination; and keep the bottoms of your pants dry, clean and not frayed.  Visit www.scrubaccessories.com or www.scrubbies.org.  Contact Richard W. Hechter, J.D.MBA for more information on this innovative product and company.  Rich may be reached at 952-920-0840 or at rich@richhechter.com.