We have the experience to show you how to truly go Agile!

Scrum Mastering LLC is a Scrum and Agile business consulting company. It was the vision of founder Leonor Urena (CSP,CSM, PMP, CSPO) to offer high-quality consulting services capable of strengthening a team’s ability to work together. Our mission is to assist companies in embracing change, improve the productivity of the project team, and inspire cooperation.

At Scrum Mastering LLC, we use our expertise to teach, implement, and coach both companies and individuals in transitioning to Scrum or Agile.

We provide executives with the tools they need to align their business with IT, increase their speed to market, and create a corporate culture conducive to supporting teams.

These are expectations we firmly believe should be expected from every Scrum and/or Agile business consulting company.

We feel there is more that should be done for our clients. The difference between us and our competitors is our approach. We use a unique approach that we like to refer to as our Interactive Story Learning Program.

Through this program we integrate quality into the Agile delivery model by growing quality minded teams and producing quality software. Applying proven techniques to form your teams we increase their morale and productivity and set them up for success. To ensure your teams are on track, we identify problems in your current deployment and make corrective recommendations accordingly.