Sustainable Construction is a rare blend of creative Architectural design and high quality green construction with a focus on maximizing your home's efficiency, occupants’ health and minimizing its impact on the environment. It is our goal to maximize your home’s performance and comfort and help to maintain your good health with a conscious effort to remain globally responsible. Through our whole system approach, stylish design, and careful material selection, we strive to minimize the effects of pollutants and toxins which are present in many non green materials.

Sustainable Construction specializes in low environmental impact, health-based home construction. That means relying on low VOC paints and finishes, woods certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), recycling and reusing as many materials as possible, sourcing local materials whenever feasible and employing energy efficient systems, all with the ecosystem of earth and the health of your family firmly in mind.

Enhancing your home’s performance and sustainability doesn’t need to be a whole-house project, or a 100% conversion to green; it’s the thoughtful choices you make during remodeling that make the difference. Room by room, or system by system, even an old drafty house can enjoy all the health benefits of a newer efficient model without losing the charm and distinction you love. Cutting edge technologies in insulation, windows, HVAC systems, lighting, recycled finishes and low-emitting woods provide a myriad of options, each making your home more efficient to run and a healthier place in which to live.
Building a more earth-friendly home can be as simple as building it more efficiently: Sustainable Construction is proud to reuse materials, minimizing the effect on local land fills that result from your renovations.

Many people are coming to understand how their homes can actually be bad for our health, the result of offgassing from pressed woods, finishes and paints, and upholstered furniture. Our experienced design team can provide you with an elegant and warm décor, created with highest quality materials and, systems and building techniques.  If you are interested in achieving LEED for homes certification, EnergyStar for homes, AirPlus or passive house benchmarks, our team will design and build the perfect solution for your needs.

Sustainable Construction has built its reputation on a unique combination quality craftsmanship, an innovative approach to green living, elegant yet functional design and an unexpected level of service. Whether a single room remodel or a whole home renovation, the professionals at Sustainable Construction listen to your vision, help with budgeting, set an appropriate project calendar, communicate regularly and are responsive to changes should the need arise. Time and again, our clients tell us that our attention to service sets a new standard in the industry.

The house Concierge:

What is the House Concierge?
Imagine never having to worry about home maintenance again... This is what is provided by one of the most highly regarded construction companies in New England. At the house concierge you will have a designated home manager who knows your property thoroughly and assures your home will be receiving the highest care on a regular basis thru out the year.
We are extending membership opening to the select households in the local community. For details contact dan at 508.653.7282 or online at www.scsiboston.com