ScubaTribe's aim is to provide the diving community with a trustworthy and unbiased information platform.

To that end we have created a bespoke system where diving related businesses can invite their actual customers to give feedback on their performance while avoiding reviews from non-customers and exploitation of the review process by competitors. In essence it's a customer satisfaction "survey" where the results are posted online and guaranteed to be real so potential customers can take advantage of the neutral and honest feedback.

The ideas behind ScubaTribe began taking shape way back in 2000 on Koh Tao, a small island in the gulf of Thailand. We were working as Dive Master and Instructor at one of the busier dive centers on the island and had a huge number of people coming through the center on a daily basis.

We polled our guests about how they came to us and discovered that word of mouth was the main driving force behind what dive shop new customers to the island chose.

In fact, it turned out that less than 20% came to us because of sales people or advertising in other media. The vast majority had heard about us from other travelers they had met on their way.

ScubaTribe was developed into the current platform in 2012 when Paul Dollar and Tradian Almasanu decided the technology and timing was right to help bring the dive industry into the internet age.

ScubaTribe was officially launched at the BOOT show in Dusseldorf 19th of January 2013.