HYPOXI– Revolutionary Body Shaping Technology

SculptureZone is proud to present the first Hypoxi Membership that invites entrepreneurs to put your money to work in a self contained business that offers tremendous opportunity for high profits and a substantial return on investment.  Therefore whether you’re looking to add and make Hypoxi an extension of an established business or if you’re looking for a good business opportunity, Hypoxi is the proven formula to maximize profits and minimize the waistline.

What started as a vision several years ago has quickly grown into the global player that Hypoxi is today.  Dr. Norbert Egger, the founder of HYPOXI, combined in 1997 naturopathic treatment with exercise and gave thus a new impulse to the body shaping sector. Due to his 20 years of experience in operating a therapy and training centre Dr. Norbert Egger got the idea to use the advantages of natural medicine and training for an effective body shaping.

In just 12 years, HYPOXI has gone from being a newcomer to a globally active enterprise. Hypoxi GmbH headquarters is based in Salzburg Austria; they are the world's leading supplier of devices for targeted body shaping. Hypoxi’s visibility in the most exclusive gyms, beauty salons, health spas and hotels around the world has ensured both international recognition and positioning.  Today, more than 250,000 users enjoy the benefits of Hypoxi Therapy in over 2,000 studios located across 30 countries worldwide; Europe, the UK, Russia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Asia and now South Africa; Hypoxi is the most recognizable success story in effective weight loss and body shaping.  

HYPOXI-therapy combines high and low pressure treatment with effective training and enables to treat specific regions of the body. Both high and lower pressures are classical methods of treatment and increase not only the blood circulation but also helps on the elimination of fluid retentions and toxins.  

HYPOXI will set courses by presenting innovative ideas in the future. Moreover the distribution structures are constantly been improved and new markets are been developed. These ambitious aims are the result of a close collaboration with partners, therapists and end users which guarantee a continuous improvement of method and service.

The impact of HYPOXI technology on the body shaping market is enormous. HYPOXI units can be used individually or in combination, offering the users guaranteed success within a very short time frame. Each HYPOXI product has been developed to satisfy the users needs and refined accordingly to market demand.
The target group for HYPOXI encompasses every person who would like to achieve targeted circumference reduction, lose weight or improve the tone and texture of their skin.

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