S.D.Y.P The Movement LLC was Founded in late 2013 by Devin D. Streeter a.k.a Skeet Da Yung Poet in Miami , Florida . It originally started out as just a movement with thousands of individuals across the Globe repping “S.D.Y.P “ .

S.D.Y.P The Movement is a multi-faceted corporation . We plan to imprint the initials " S.D.Y.P " ( Meaning Success , Determination , Youth , and Prosperity) on the world through our words , our daily lives , our images , our ambitions , our success stories , our determination , our outreach to the youth , our prosperity, and our dreams . We want to show the world that anything is possible as long as you stride for it and that it's never too early or too late to chase your dreams .

In mid 2016 after so many changes & Developments ; Devin Streeter launched The Label division . , A Multi-genre Label & distributor and this particular division of S.D.Y.P The Movement LLC focuses on Music Distribution , Music Publishing , Management , and much more for it's artists & Labels !

We’ve all heard the saying from most labels “ More than a Label “ in which S.D.Y.P is a lot more and isn’t primarily a Label . But It is a Movement & Family above everything else ; It is comprised of management , global music distribution , music publishing , book publishing , Mentorship , Modeling and much more .

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