Success, Determination, Youth, and Prosperity are positive affirmations that makes up the multifaceted organization S.D.Y.P the Movement. It was established 2013 in Miami, Florida as an apparatus to guide individuals to develop ambition that will influence them to live prosperous and flourishing lives. Its founder Devin Streeter started the movement to encourage the youth and those who paid attention to live their dream and thrive for a higher sense of self-worth.

 The company started tapping into the Music Industry & Business in 2016. providing distribution for all genres of music. Now in 2022 ,The Subsidiary of The company ” Streeter Music Group” not only focuses on distribution, but it also provides music publishing,  rights management , music licensing  & entertainment. SMG lives up to its tag line “More than A Label” because its operation is driven towards the overall picture of music & entertainment .

Streeter asserts that he sees Streeter Music Group  standing equally and eventually surpassing Major Companies, “Truthfully, within the next 5 years we will come close to standing beside Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music.

The definition of movement is to a change of position or development. S.D.Y.P. The Movement is changing the game by offering a company that provides a one-stop shop to help transition individuals with a purpose.  The movement is heading towards revolutionizing a progressively affirming global force.