Today ST is now a global leading manufacturer and exporter of tamper proof labels, security packing tapes, security bags, and security labels, we pride ourselves on having over 15 years to provide customers with the best possible tamper proof solutions.

Awarded as the best Asia supplier of NOKIA, Lenove, LG, SPANSION, P&G, HP, UDTEK and etc. in Security Packing, we can provide our customers with timely receipt of goods, cost-effective, highest quality products and professional service. Over the years, myriad organizations have realized a potent, practical and cost-effective solution to their packaging needs in doing business with ST.

Our approach to the challenging security materials market is to use a wide range of techniques in combination to develop a solution for each individual application. This means that we are not tied to using any one proprietary technology, giving you access to the solution you need for every security label application in one place.

Also we get SGS,ISO certification to guarantee our products quality.

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