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Seamoon Technology Co. is a professional and new hi-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales for the products related to dynamic password. We are also the strategic cooperator with many big companies like Huawei, Lenovo, Kingdee, Ufida and so on.  Our products have been beneficial to several hundred thousand users in several hundreds enterprises, network games, banks, stock, electrical field and so on.

Seamoon owns his own industry area for the dynamic password products, in which there has the office for research and development and service center, and the factory for more than 1000m ² with large professional automatic production machine for SMT, circumfluence welding, wave crest welding and so on. The daily production capacity can be up to more than 10000pcs.

Seamoon adheres to the principles “Customer First, People Oriented, Creative, United and Pragmatic”, and invests 15% of sales revenue into the products research and development to keep the leader status as the first band in the dynamic password field in china.

One-time password token introduce

1、OTP TOKEN--KingKey


         1)size: 5.5cm×2.5cm×0.9cm

        2) one time password updata time: 20 second or 60 second

        3) Can be placed in boiling water for several hours

        4) 3rd floor, not dropped from the break

        5) The appearance of fine fashion, as the key, size, and the key to almost

2、OTP TOKEN--SecureKey

          1) size: 5.5cm×2.5cm×1cm

         2) one time password updata time: 60 second

         3) Waterproof is good, can be put on the glasses in 1 hour

         4) 2rd floor, not dropped from the break

         5) U disk size and the appearance of almost

3、OTP TOKEN--SecureCard

          1) size: 8cm×5cm×0.5cm(Less than bank cards)

         2) one time password updata time: 60 second

         3) 2rd floor, not dropped from the break

         4) The appearance of size and bank cards almost

One-time password server introduce

1、Can run on the following operating systems

         1) Windows 2000/Windows 2003 Server/Windows 2008/Windows XP

         2) Linux

         3) Unix

         4) and so on.

2、Support the following database:

         1) SQL Server 2000/SQL Server 2005/SQL Server 2008

         2) Oracle

         3) MySQL

         4) and so on.

3、Provides the following development interface:

         1) radius interface

         2) API interface, include C&C++/VB/JAVA/PB/DELPHI/ASP/JSP/PHP,and so on.

Standard Support

       1)Support the ietf standards RFC 4226  (Read RFC4226)

             If you want this version, please declare .


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