New Tax Learning Center For Entrepreneurs

Today’s “gig economy” has created a new wave of entrepreneurs, along with a new wave of resources to help these entrepreneurs.

Most areas have plenty of information, but as this innovative entrepreneur soon learned - Tax information is scarce.

Seeing this dilemma, a new learning center was created.

This course is being created by Sean Meyer - an IRS Enrolled Agent and MBA who’s spent his entire career helping Small Business Owners.

Sean created the course after seeing countless Entrepreneurs get burned by the confusion of business tax. To help with this, the learning center will include various references and processes that allows Entrepreneurs to handle tax on their own - and without any hassle.

The course is currently in developmental stage and a Kickstarter has been launched to help expedite this process.

The Kickstarter runs until February 3rd, 2017 - click here (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/594265632/handle-business-tax-like-and-without-a-cpa) to support this great course today.

Media Contact Info:

Name: Sean Meyer
Contact (email): Sean.Meyer@Cloudcontrollerinc.com

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