Search Ad Marketing (SAM), a company that provides done-for-you Internet advertising services, training and consulting is committed to helping Michigan based business owners advertise effectively and improve the return on their online advertising investment.  For more information on Search Ad Marketing, please visit http://www.searchwithsam.com/

Pay Per Click Club (P2C2), a monthly "ThinkTank", has been developed to help business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals effectively use Internet advertising.  This group is for newbies and seasoned Pay Per Click (PPC) users alike. Our purpose is to train, coach, encourage and support you on your journey to develop and maintain successful PPC campaigns across all search engines. Our primary focus will be on the Google AdWords and Facebook programs. Pay Per Click Club meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month. For more information on Pay Per Click Club, please visit http://www.payperclickclub.com/