Seascape Lamps first started bringing back the retro look in drum lamp shades in the early nineties for table and floor lamps and drum lighting fixtures. There was absolutely no one making these retro style lamp shades for portable lamps or for hanging lamp shades because of the fact that they were so large and bulky and hard to ship cheaply. The designer world was simply not ready for this look and especially the lighting retailers were way behind the times when it came to experimenting with new and interesting looks. Seascape Lamps had some success at a few of the gift shows until we decided to exhibit in 1997 at the Dallas Lighting and Home Furnishings Exhibit on. That’s when the interest really started changing.

Now our hottest and best selling items that Seascape produces, are fabric drum lamp shades for lighting fixtures and replacement lampshades using custom in-house printed fabrics and other unusual materials like exotic wood veneers, organic fiber plant based materials, linens and silks. Along with the barrel shapes,  cylinders, ovals, squares, rectangles and cone lamp shades in a huge array of sizes and fabrics. We sell thousands of shades per year for potable table and floor lamps, fabric hanging lamps to the trade, for residential home lighting, hospitality lighting, retail light fixtures and for restaurant fixtures. In our 2011 catalog, we have introduced some scones and oval shaped lamp shades to give our customers a nice selection of new product to choose from. Staying in the U.S.A. and manufacturing at home has given us the flexibility of making our custom lamp shade fixtures both in small quantities and in large volume. Where other companies have given up their production in this country to seek better pricing, Seascape Lamps has benefited by staying here and committing ourselves to great quality, much faster ship times, and a wonderful and helpful design staff. Enjoy the benefits from purchasing your lighting fixtures and drum lamp shades.

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