Seaxl® develops maritime dedicated software programs working under Microsoft® Excel® written in Visual Basic, downloadable directly from its website, installed and implemented immediately for use by shore based staff or on board the ships.

Software is easy to learn and implement, is less costly to buy and install across the fleet. Data population time is minimised to simply selecting from pre-loaded, shipping related drop down lists, edited and maintained by shore based staff applying consistency across the fleet. Staff training is reduced to a minimum with the Microsoft® Excel® platform. All programs come with very well illustrated and documented Help and User Manuals written in a language that is common within the maritime industry.

There are no hidden costs, such as annual maintenance costs, air fares for training, courier costs, implementation and consultants’ costs to name but a few. Simply having the appropriate Microsoft® Excel® and Seaxl® licenses you can download the programs from the Seaxl® website and commence immediate use. There is neither frequent informal training required nor time consuming hours to install on a new PC. The simplicity of the concept motivates people to use it.

Computer literacy is a huge problem with IT especially where this has to be implemented at a distance away from the office and on board ships where crew changes are inevitable and retraining and conformity becomes a huge overhead.

In most cases all Masters and Officers on board are familiar with the Microsoft® Excel® platform and Seaxl® programs have been designed to suit the particular needs of the industry. Seaxl® programs with their simplicity of use and implementation ensure that IT problems at sea such as non standard equipment, inadequate technical support, insufficient expertise, learning new software and reduction of amount of work are guaranteed.