For Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Insurance Services and Professional Service Firms looking to accelerate revenue and key personnel capabilities in preparation for acquisition, Sebastian Lane Consulting will boost client satisfaction and public perception of work quality, empowering a dynamic continuity of leadership that will build succession value and ownership payout.

The competitive edge to our services is that our services bring meaningful change while working within the scope of an individual’s comfort zone, as opposed to forcing the individual to adopt a new paradigm.

Rather than rigidly adhering to a specific sales methodology, or worse yet a one-size-fits-all approach,  Sebastian Lane Consulting reinforces leadership's overall methodology while translating it in an employee-specific manner that factors in the individual's aspirations, limitations, and motivations.  Not only does this breed greater financial success for both the firm and the individual, it cultivates a culture of career empowerment that will retain the firm's best talent and clients.