Secaptru provides electronic imports to Ecuador.  With the economy on an upswing, this is a great time to feed the fire as citizens around the world are relocating and snapping up property at break neck speeds. With the retail technology supply priced out of reach for many here in Ecuador, Secaptru has planted it's roots and is not providing electronics products to individuals, retailers, wholesalers and business.  With the support of private and Institutional funding Secaptru will be situated to take advantage of this ground-breaking business influx of capital pouring into the country.

The core beliefs that lie at the heart of Secaptru’s culture: Active Management Delivers Better Outcomes; Independent Investment Boutiques Lead to Better Ideas; A Global Perspective Is Critical and Portfolio Management Is Best Supported by Independent Risk Management Oversight.

Our management team’s steadfast commitment to the firm’s Corporate Values is what really separates Secaptru from the rest of the pack—Our values shape our actions, and serve as a constant reminder that our success is defined by YOUR success and is measured not only by what we achieve, but how we achieve it.

With the economy growing in Ecuador at an alarming rate, there is no better time to get on the upswing.  With reports coming out that it is the best place to retire in the world; we can only expect that foreign retirees will start stampeding towards Ecuador.
According to the Ecuadorian government, it has been proven in previous cases that a country’s attempts to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are successful when just a small number of sectors are targeted. In the case of Ecuador, Real Estate investment received top position as there is a influx of capital coming from retired individuals looking for a place to secure their "Golden Years"