Secondnights is a world where people who love music, art and having fun can find information about events, new opening, fashion shows and art gallery exibhit.
   the website is made up of different parts and you will find on it lots of goodies.

Secondnights for people

   * A complete event catalogue made up of different categories. You can search events for types, for date, for venue and for keywork.
   * Different blog channels to read about openings, fashion news, useful tips and wonderful events.
   * The Secondnighters Community, the perfect place for artists and events lovers to meet friends, publish photos of live performance and join events and talk in the groups.
   * The Partners Showroom, a complete catalogue system for reading about our partners and their product. Know well who support our works!
   * Different catalogue where you can find complete schedule about Clubs, Artists and Galleries.

Secondnights for Owners of club, gallery and others

Secondnights is also a great way for owners to promote their activity throw our services. Owners can use our services and they will have

   * The ability to publish unlimite events on the system in all categories.
   * A complete advertising system to publish banners on the site on different positions and form. You can plain your campaign and get discounts for it.
   * A catalogue system to show a schedule of your activity and talk about your place, your store and your product
   * The SLUrl published in the directory of the site
   * A blog channel to write posts and keep informed your fan

Well, what to say again, be a Secondnighter today..