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About the home security systems:
* A house is equipped with more and more automatic devices and with more and more functions now. Such as centralized control of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, appliances, and other systems to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.Home automation provide increased quality of life for persons who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care as well.

* Home security systems is the important part of home automation cause of its key function at particular time.

* Generally, the home security systems will include fire alarm, burglar alarm (intruder alarm), perimeter protection three parts.

* The simple way is with indoor burglar alarm and fire alarms. Passive Infrared detector (ceiling mounted or wall mounted types), Door stopper, door/window contact will consist the burglar alarm. Smoke sensor, gas sensor, heat sensor will consist the fire alarm.

* For addition, outdoor passive infrared detector, grating will be perimeter protection around the balcony, courtyard.

* Function of the security systems: When you are out of home, you should have your home armed. During this period, if someone opened your door or window, the door/window contact will detected it and send wireless signal to the alarm host (alarm panel). Then the alarm panel will dial your telephone or mobile phone or alarm center phone you preset immediately. Without any notice, the burglar will be caught. In addition, PIR detector(motion sensor) installed on the ceiling or on the wall will detect the body motion (Pet immunity) when intruder entered your home through other ways and you can get voice alarm via phone immediately no matter where you are.
* Similarly, fire alarm part will effect when smoke, gas, heat is detected. And alarm type such as burglar alarm, fire alarm, emergency alarm will be showed and identified.

* To install the home security systems is easy as well. After planned the defense area, you will mount the alarm host on the wall ( covered and near telephone hub), mount the infrared on the wall or ceiling, paste the door/window contact on the door or window.

* All alarm host, motion sensor, door/window contact etc. are tamper-resistant. If someone try to remove it or ruin it, it will dial preset  telephone to send alarm signal already. The security systems will communicate with each other to make sure it works well per period time.