Security By You is security designed by and for you. We specialize in security and home automation. We have NO CONTRACTS and LOW PRICES!

Security By You allows you to control your security system at the touch of your fingertips with our easy to use mobile app powered by Alarm.com. On our website you will be able to purchase the products you want and actually own it at a low monthly cost starting at $14.95 per month. The products we sell are easy to self-install yourself with no tools required. This online system is designed and built by YOU to meet YOUR security needs.

With our smart phone control you can receive text notifications of exactly which device has an alarm triggered. You can even add notifications of who arms and disarms your system. As well as notifications, you can also control your smart home. From you phone you can arm or disarm you system, pull up video surveillance, open/close the garage, adjust the temperature on your thermostat, control the lights and much more!

There are three main packages you can choose from to get started with your security system. You can also customize it by adding additional products. If you would like to completely customize your system from the ground up, we have a Configurator tool that can easily help you find what products and services you want.

Check out all the products and services we offer at www.securitybyyou.com or call our toll free number at 855-729-9196.