Invictus Security & Firearms Training is the premiere security school in Florida. Our security classes prepare security officers with the skills required to perform professional security guard services. The Invictus security training centre offers the training for the unarmed security license and the armed security license.

Invictus was founded in 2008 by two U.S. Force Reconnaissance Marines who brought their high level of security & firearms training into the private security sector. Invictus Security is a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and the first Florida Veterans Approved Training School for security training. Invictus not only delivers high quality training but also helps U.S. Military Veterans, former Law Enforcement and unemployed Florida residents get back to work in the security industry.

Unarmed Security License

The Unarmed Security License is a 40 hour training course that prepares our students with the security skills needed to become a security professional in Florida. The program is 4 days of classroom training required by State Law.

Armed Security License

Students in the Armed Security License course will learn firearms safety, the principles of marksmanship, firearms mechanics and liability. Skill development shall include marksmanship fundamentals, loading and unloading, the 4-step draw and clearing malfunctions.  All course materials will be in compliance with Florida Statutes 493 and Florida Administrative Code legal guidelines 5N-1.

The Certificate of Completion for successfully completing this course will be submitted along with the Department of Agriculture, Division of Licensing’s Class “G” Statewide Firearms License Application. Graduating students who apply for, and receive the Class “G” Statewide Firearm License are permitted to work as a security officer, or private investigator in an armed capacity.