We are Skydda Security Troops Pvt. Ltd. introducing and reimagining the private security sector in an unprecedented and unparalleled way. We are here to cater to all your physical security needs, whether it is personal, for a corporation or any other kind of organization.

The private security sector in our nation is still living in very ancient times. And like a man stuck in quicksand, its standards are going nowhere, but downwards.

Criminals and terrorists alike have only evolved, mastering the beautiful art of technology and are doing optimum resource management.

So we thought why not take some inspiration from these hardworking anarchists and return to them in kind by giving birth to this portal. We are incorporating technology in an industry which has been mostly yellow pages based one and it has never been easier to find the best security solution in the best possible way. But now you are at a one-stop place for all your physical security needs and we guarantee to deliver the best. Feel free to consult us and share your thoughts and needs with us.