SeeingGrowth.com believes that we are Seeing Growth in all areas of life and that the possibilities are endless because we have refused to see an end to our development. SeeingGrowth.com has never been discriminatory and we believe that people from all walks of life can share common goals. These common goals and visions are a source of fuel that has helped many of us stand strong when giving up seemed to be the only the choice available. Some of the stories that you will read inside of SeeingGrowth.com are testimonies of faith, clarity in times of confusion, chin-checkings when we need self-discipline, and a familiar reality when the world seems to be full of fiction.

SeeingGrowth.com has gained momentum from the belief of others, the incredible writing of the people who have contributed to helping us all See Growth on a daily basis, and even the hardships that were endured from 2005 until today.  We have combined our efforts with several individuals, groups, organizations and companies to connect people from all over the world. We have proven that there are no "Big I's" and "Little U's", and that we are much stronger when we work together towards common goals.

•We have changed SeeingGrowth.com from a book store into a website that includes a bookstore with some of the most talent black authors.
•We have shared the contents of SeeingGrowth.com through our online newsletter "The Seeing Growth Inspirational Reminder" that is sent to people on a regular basis by email and RSS feeds. and widgets that are strategically placed on too many networks to count.
•We have collaborated with several different businesses that inclued Truly Poetic Publishing, The S-H-E-M-A Gurls, and Darmaprenuer.
•We have made our presence known on Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Voices and Visions,

Black In America, Chocolate Pages (list all connect platform and ning sites.) and iZania that share our content in ways that bring thousands of visitors to SeeingGrowth.com.
We pride ourselves in catering to everyone that is willing to share their resources in ways that can be combined with ours for progress.

•We're passionate about sharing talents, resources and progress.
•We're very creative and thorough with our presentation.
•We're sincere in our efforts of community development.