SeeMore Profile

SeeMore Marketing & Advertising (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2011 as a result of years of Experience, many learning curves, trials and errors, to result in a business concept that is dynamic, exciting and projects a positive and different approach to the marketing and advertising industry.

What SeeMore can do for you?
The question should actually be. What can SeeMore NOT do for you?

SeeMore Marketing & Advertising (Pty) Ltd was formed as a consulting company specializing in advertising, marketing and branding of products and services in the national and international markets. Its founders are former marketers in the advertising industry and consulting to major and small firms. They founded SeeMore to formalize the consulting and advertising services they offer.

SeeMore offers the industry a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for business development, market development, as well as product, service and name branding on a national and international scale.

SeeMore provides the expertise companies need to develop new advertising and marketing campaigns for new or existing product distribution, new or existing service introduction or overall brand awareness.

Initial focus will be in the national South African markets, and for South African clients in the Africa market.

SeeMore was created as a South African company based in Gauteng province, owned by its principal investors and principal operators. The initial office was established in the Pretoria area, but services are not limited to this area.

Consulting participants range from major international name-brand agencies to tens of thousands of individuals. One of SeeMore’s challenges will be establishing itself as an accredited marketing and advertising consulting company, positioned as a relatively risk-free corporate investment.

Industry competition comes in several forms, the most significant being companies that choose to do marketing, advertising and branding in-house. There are also large, well-known established consulting firms. These companies generally focus on the larger niche markets and the smaller lower budget companies are under exposed to the market. SeeMore’s advantage over such companies as these is that SeeMore provides high-level expertise and low affordable solutions to help integrate market research data with the company goals.

In the future SeeMore will broaden the coverage by expanding into coverage of additional markets (e.g., Africa, USA, Europe, Far East, Australia, etc.).
With in SeeMore’s current and future coverage areas, SeeMore plans to focus on the small medium enterprises through to large corporate and retail industries.
SeeMore Pricing

SeeMore’s services will be priced on a percentage level relative to the market related prices of the products and services as required by the client’s targets and goals. The pricing percentages will be calculated relative to the volume and repetition of products and services utilized by the client. The general commission granted to advertising agencies is between 15% – 16.5 %. SeeMore has committed itself to not be bound by these commissions as they are generally bound to highest rates, and has taken a direct approach to advertising, by approaching the market as a direct volume client and not as and agency. With this SeeMore is able to negotiate better prices from the suppliers and media, resulting in lower prices for the industry.
SeeMore Mission

SeeMore offers the industry a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for business development, market development, and product, service and name branding on a national and an international scale. A true alternative to in-house resources offers a very high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts and confidentiality. Clients must know that working with SeeMore is a more professional, less risky way to explore new areas even than working completely in-house with their own people. SeeMore is committed to delivering the highest value to their clients.
SeeMore Vision

SeeMore’s aim is to become a market leader in the industry and to be a benchmark for other companies to follow, to deliver a service which will be beneficial to our clients and to the SeeMore alike.
SeeMore Keys To Success

Excellence in fulfilling the promise.
Developing visibility and brand awareness
Transparency to maintain integrity
Excellent product and service generate new business
Leveraging from a single pool of expertise into multiple generations of opportunities.
SeeMore BBBEE Status

As SeeMore is currently an owner managed company with a turnover of less than R5 (five) million per annum, SeeMore automatically qualify for a level 4 (four) BBBEE contribution status and reports under the Exempted Micro Enterprises (EE) category, as prescribed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).