©+ is about seeing the bigger picture. About seeing the world through youthful eyes and finding extraordinary things in the ordinary places. Design is a language and objects are vehicles for ideas. The products we create are rooted in play, make-believe and mischief. They’re designed to remind us of fun memories and connect us to all the people who share them.

Our company was founded by Chris Mueller in 2006 out of his mama’s garage. When he started selling handmade accessories from a small card table on Telegraph Avenue near the UC Berkeley campus in Northern California, the toy-inspired designs brought out good vibes from people. Stories were exchanged. Camaraderie grew. And friends were made. Our pursuit became contagious.

The entire agenda of ©+ is to remind you that you’re never too old to play. In our wildest daydream, we hope to build an experimental, DIY culture of play around the world where people come together to make fun experiences, exchange gifts and unearth common ground.