SELE' SNACK available in fourteen delicious flavors:
– Natural,
– Wholemeal,
– Fries and Rosemary,
– Cheese,
– Pizza,
– Chilli,
– Paprika,
– Bacon,
– Onion,
– Mediterranean,
– Olives and Cheese,
– Rosemary,
– Black Pepper,
– Salmon.
The packaging with color design make the flavors easily distinguishable, the convenient packaging solution for single occasion snack foods.
SELE' SNACK, natural snacks made from the famous "Pane Carasau" flat bread.
A modern interpretation of ancient recipes handed down for generations.
The range is lactose-free, except for the cheese and pizza tastes.
Made from selected natural ingredients, these Snacks are the perfect balance of taste, healthy ingredients, low in fats and salt, free of artificial colors.
They are also No-GMO and promote healthy eating as it once was.
SELE' SNACK also suitable all people, who follow a vegan diet and consumer demand for healthier snacks.
SELEMA SRL strengthens it's commitment to serve great tasting, authentic Italian food specialties that consumers can enjoy every day.
The price it's affordable, offers authentic Italian ancient recipes and provides a new Snack experience that fits ideal for a break.
Last but not least SELE' SNACK don't get fat.
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