Back in 2004, I began a freelance copywriting career working with online marketers to develop email campaigns. 8 years later, my clients are in the hundreds, and I can honestly claim that I am directly responsible for millions of dollars in increased revenues.

Located out of Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada (2 hours outside of Vancouver, in the Pacific Time zone) I live in the heart of some of British Columbia’s best wine country. Within 4 hours, I can visit 3 small distilleries, 6 craft breweries, and over a dozen wineries.

This truly is an amazing place to live and work!

After working in the spirits industry for a few clients, I began to notice a trend – those small, passionate companies that I loved weren’t seeing the success they deserved. Wineries and breweries were closing and reopening like the seasons. Distilleries were facing huge economic pressures. Only a select few were “living the dream”.

So I began to study the market, and the small business owners that make it tick.

What I ended up discovering was something remarkable – there were people in the industry claiming to show small businesses how to market their spirits, but even they were missing one crucial piece.

I accidentally stumbled upon the secret that separates the big, successful craft brewers, distillers, and vintners from the struggling entrepreneurs.

I couldn’t sit idly by and watch this missing ingredient destroy the hard work and passions of thousands of entrepreneurs, and so I set out on my mission – to create a destination for spirits industry entrepreneurs to discover this missing ingredient, find their success, and live the dream. That is what you will find here on sellingspirits.com