Starting as a small software start-up in the Southeastern United States, we have worked diligently to create an extremely talented professional network to meet consumer demand for a wide range of products. Our main focus began with financial-specific applications to help organize tax reporting and facilitate the process of invoice management.  We then quickly expanded into pure equity related optimization to help low-volume traders and novice traders alike strengthen their portfolios to lock in solid gains while completely diminishing downside risk.  This soon turned into creating trading bots which were triggered by manually input signals and thresholds to alert us of unusual market movement and a chance to capitalize. Then we heard about Bitcoin and have become engulfed with it since October 2013 starting with the resale of ASIC (Application specific integrated circuits) miners and moving into custom-built high-performance scrypt miners.  As bitcoin became more and more adopted by society, competition increased greatly in the mining industry so we switched our focus to bitcoin specific software.  When the price of bitcoin plummeted due to the Mt. Gox incident, we were worried that it may be nearing the end so we started developing mobile games and have several planned releases for Q3 of 2014.  We have also been developing some very detailed bitcoin software which is set to be released in early August 2014. As you can tell from our above mentioned journey, we are a very flexible and adaptable company that learns fast and spends the extra time necessary to produce quality products.  As a small company we offer very affordable rates for custom development and are flexible with payment options to suite each customer’s needs.  Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime to discuss a project, ask general questions, or just chat about bitcoin or mobile gaming!