Privately held SEMPER/EXETER Paper Company, LLC. has launched a flexible packaging films division and also inked a deal with Evert-Fresh Corp. as the master supplier and master distributor of Evert-Fresh products, designed to extend shelf life of fresh produce including fruits, vegetables, fresh cut flowers and more. Evert-Fresh Green Bagsā„¢ have been seen on TV with hundreds of millions sold to retail consumers.

Beginning September 2013 Semper will be offering a wide variety of custom made packaging that includes a proprietary formulation tested extensively for over 25 years, including being tested and used in space by NASA. Product lines may include green bags, boxes, food containers, trays, and clamshells as well as other paper and plastic packaging options.

The deal is anticipated to bring an extremely diverse offering to growers, packers, distributors and supermarkets with the goal of significantly improved shelf life and greatly reduced food loss. The ultimate goal is reduction of food and revenue losses, safer and fresher food to consumers, and a more intelligent way to store, package and ship fresh produce.