Wouldn't you love to be able to instantly access all of those incredible photos, polaroids, film, and negatives, currently residing in your basement, just collecting dust? Or even add them all to your favourite social networking sites? Don't you also want the peace of mind that no matter what happens, you will always have digital copies of all that precious content, protecting it from accidents, and enabling it to last forever?

That's what Sempix is here for.

Sempix specializes in scanning and digitizing your content. Be it your photos, film, or any other important documents you cherish, we come to you, digitize what you want to keep safe, and then provide you with a copy of everything before leaving. There is no need for you to mail anything away, or lug anything around. We come to you, and do the work. It's just that simple.

We offer a variety of affordible pricing options, based on the type, size, and variety of your content. Take a moment and see exactly what we offer at sempix.ca!