SeniorAu's intention is to produce information which is relevant and interesting to seniors. Much of what affects seniors is based on, or is influenced by Government policies at the Commonwealth, State and Territory level. Consequently, a proportion of the content of SeniorAu will talk about government policy and government performance related to seniors' matters.

There is a constant flow of serious and topical information being produced by professional / academic researchers and organisations, including welfare organisations, who have an interest in a wide range of issues affecting seniors, their life styles and quality of life. SeniorAu will highlight and draw on research papers and reports to cover issues that matter to seniors.

SeniorAu will also publicise notable events such as state or national conferences which are pertinent to seniors and are organised by reputable organisations.

Very importantly, SeniorAu wants to hear from seniors who have issues which are the responsibility of the Commonwealth, State or Territory governments. Sometimes important issues should be being handled by these levels of government but are not. We would like to hear about them too.