We produce Senior Comedy Shows for Seniors with Senior Comics, we have performed in such clubs, and restaurants  as the Irvine and Brea Improv, Flappers in Burbank, Astor Special Events and Communications Museum, and Don the Beachcomber. Our audiences are comprised of Seniors and their Boomer Children out for an afternoon of fun, lunch and laughter. We have been written up in all the major newspapers in Orange County, as well as many senior newspapers for our unique way of approaching senior entertainment.
Bonnie Barchichat, the executive producer of the company has been in the public eye for her entire career, starting off in NY, she was the originator of Rent An Event, a special events company, a zany entertainment gift delivery service, followed by Breakfast with Love, Ltd, a breakfast delivery service, that specialized of course with entertainers ushering in an elegant way to deliver breakfast.  Following a move to California she became the first  publisher to create Pet Greeting Cards, and then soon after  created Pocket Reference Journals where she became a staple in the industry for 27 years with her medical and financial publications. Her clients being hospitals, primarily, insurance companies, banks, hmo's, state health departments, and all manner of companies looking for an incentive to give to their patients and customers. Two of her most popular publications being the "Pet Passport and the All About Me, Children's Health Journal". They were also  sold in retail stores Coast to Coast.  Bonnie Barchichat is a unique niche driven entrepreneur. Her inspiration for this current company is her mother! Her mother being 92 and still with a great sense of humor was just not getting it when taken to a comedy club several years ago. This sense of unfulfilled laughter stayed with Bonnie for several years until it dawned on her that it was the comics  age driven inability to relate to her elderly mother.   Opening the door for a niche marketeer (and senior herself now) to make a show she would create "senior friendly" giving her audience a show they could feel comfortable in and enjoy themselves amongst their peers. "Clean and Clever" is how Bonnie bills her shows, and clever Bonnie is for thinking of this positive entertaining newcomer to the oncoming "Silver Tsunami"!