Celebrating its 26th Season, Senior Summer School offers all-inclusive "Educational Vacations" for retirees on university campuses across the U.S.  Programs range from one to six weeks depending upon location.  Highlighting college and university programs and faculty, local authors, businesses and historians, class topics include a balanced mix of politics, current events, local history and initiatives, philosophy, science, music, art, health and wellness, and literature.

Programs are all-inclusive.  Private rooms and daily meals are provided either at a furnished university apartment or a hotel.  A typical day will have 3 classes if there is no sight-seeing on that day.  A minimum of two or three free sight-seeing trips are included in the price, including a city/area tour.  Some programs offer more.  Several affordable additional paid trips are optional for special points of interest.  One afternoon is typically left open for you to explore and dine on your own.  There are no classes on the weekends.  Evenings offer a lecture, or musical entertainment.  Programs offer a mix of couples and singles so all feel welcome.  

2011 locations include:

Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Oregon - Eugene
University of Santa Barbara
San Diego University

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