Senn Delaney was the first firm in the world to focus exclusively on transforming cultures. We were founded in 1978 with a singular mission: to create healthy, high-performance cultures. More Fortune 500 and Global 1000 CEOs have chosen us as their trusted partner to help shape cultures that deliver better business results. They choose us to improve performance in a variety of business situations.

Our passion and singular focus on culture, combined with decades of hands-on experience, have resulted in a comprehensive and proven culture-shaping methodology that engages people and measurably impacts both the spirit and performance of organizations.

We are called on to partner with and guide CEOs and executive leaders to improve performance in a variety of business situations. The most common drivers of our work include:

Align new leaders and/or newly configured teams

-maximize effectiveness of the team more quickly

-prepare them to best lead culture change
Integrate mergers and major acquisitions

-avoid or smooth the culture clashes that often keep mergers and acquisitions from realizing full potential and synergy

Shape the culture to support new strategies

- determine habits that may slow progress of new strategies

- develop and align entire company around new values and guiding behaviors

Implement major organization-wide systems or processes

- minimize cultural barriers to change

Become an integrated or allied business model

- create collaborative organizations to effectively implement shared services and allied business models

- gain cross-organizational synergies

Shift to a customer focus / improve customer satisfaction

- create service cultures to support company-wide efficiency and performance and enable top-line growth

We are an international culture-shaping firm with offices in California, New York and London. To best serve our clients around the world, our partners and consultants are located throughout the US, the UK, and Europe. We have delivered our work in more than 40 countries and many of our culture-shaping tools are offered in a dozen languages.

Our consulting staff and partners are all former seasoned executives. Collectively, they have experience working with firms across all industries. Many of our consultants were former clients who were so engaged by our work that they chose to join our team.

Our field staff is supported by a strong Client Services division, a Diagnostics and Measurement group and a creative Product Solutions Research and Development group. We have developed a very versatile and robust technology platform to connect to our clients, and a number of Web-based tools to diagnose, measure and reinforce the culture-shaping process at the individual, team and organizational levels. This enables us to serve global corporations with thousands of employees participating in their culture-shaping process.

Clients we serve are the top level of leadership of Fortune 1000 and Global 1000 companies. Our clients include major non-profit organizations, colleges and universities and city, state and federal governments.

The vast majority of new clients come from former clients and client referrals. One CEO utilized Senn Delaney to align his senior team and shape the culture in four Fortune 500-sized companies throughout his career.

We are a private, independent corporation owned by our partners. All of the partners and staff have a deep commitment to maintaining our unique, healthy culture by living our values. That culture and the engaging and authentic way Senn Delaney consultants and staff show up is one thing that so many clients find distinctive and so appealing about working with our firm.