SensaSlim is one of the fastest growing companies in the lucrative anti-obesity research industry. Its success can be largely attributed to its breakthrough product, the SensaSlim Spray which has been the subject of a unprecedented worldwide trial on over 11,000 people in 100 countries.

The developers of SensaSlim commenced in 2008 the two year trial, being the largest independent trial ever conducted  before bringing their product to market in mid 2010.

Believing they have developed the most effective weight loss aid available in the world today, they wanted  to put it to the most thorough and transparent test. The results have been outstanding and Swiss neuroscientists believe they have developed the most effective and easiest  way available in the world today to lose weight. Some believe it could be the cure for obesity.

With the launch of the highly anticipated SensaSlim Spray scheduled for mid 2010, it is projected by 2011 SensaSlim will be available in over 140,000 retail outlets throughout Europe, in  17 countries, and distributed by over 1,400 company franchises acting as exclusive distributors.

International expansion into Asia and  Australia/New Zealand is also imminent with the recent assignment of exclusive distributorship rights. The SensaSlim Group intends to have a portfolio of products and operations in nearly all countries of the globe by 2014.  

European Operations  are managed from Group headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.  International  Operations are managed from London, England by SensaSlim International Limited.

Sales Projections  2010-2011
Number of Distributors:         1,405
Number of Countries:             17
Number of Retail Outlets         140,500
Profit Forecast             $369,000,000

website:                                                   www.sensaslim.com