Senseeker is a wholly US owned transducer IC semiconductor company. We specialize in the design of state-of-the-art digital imaging sensors and readout integrated circuits for hybrid infrared image sensing arrays. Senseeker’s products and IP enable our customers to produce cutting-edge image sensing solutions.

Senseeker has delivered over 30 custom DROIC designs that have been optimized for a range of different infrared detector technologies and applications. We have established ourselves as a key partner to industry leaders through our ability to quickly create designs that work by our world class team.

Senseeker is located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, in the heart of the West Coast's infrared and scientific image sensor community. Our 10,000+ sq ft facility includes a cleanroom with wafer probe and system test equipment to accelerate delivery of fully tested products.

Senseeker has an established heritage in delivering state-of-the-art readout IC designs including the industry’s smallest dual-band (6 µm pitch) readout IC, multi-modal digital readout ICs (DROICs) and high dynamic range digital pixel readouts (DPROICs). New R&D activity is focused on DPROIC innovation and advanced transducer SoCs that combine sensors and drivers to optimize functionality and SWaP.

Senseeker offers a range of services from IC design, testing and qualification to foundry management. Specializing in state-of-the-art mixed-signal technology, Senseeker’s products and IP enable our customers to produce cutting-edge infrared image sensing and transduction solutions that outperform all other commercially available solutions.