The story
Sensio AIR's primary objective is to help allergy and asthma sufferers predict, prevent and manage the unwanted symptoms that come with having a respiratory condition – all while developing cutting-edge technology that detects and identifies potentially harmful airborne particles. With a firm belief that prevention should come before medication, the Sensio AIR team works to provide users with the tools and advice they need to keep their condition under control.

A pioneering healthcare analytics start-up based in London, Sensio Air was founded with a clear goal in mind – to provide people with the information and support they need to combat and overcome the symptoms associated with respiratory conditions before they happen.

The product
Able to detect and identify pollen, pet dander, dust mites and mould, the Sensio AIR monitor also measures environmental elements such as temperature, humidity and light levels. Additionally, it comes equipped with sensors that pick up any harmful gases and irritants such as VOCs, CO and ozone. The Sensio AIR device is set to hit the market in 2018.

The app
Using real-time data from locations across the world, the Sensio AIR mobile application uses AI technology to illustrate a correlation between the user’s symptoms and the environmental factors or allergens in their vicinity.