Sensoprint is proud to announce the unveiling of its brand new website

Princeton, NJ (July 26, 2016) – Sensoprint, a printing company located in Princeton, has made it easier to order business cards that stimulate the senses with the launch of its new website, www.sensoprint.us. Metal, wood, PVC and cotton papers are just a few of the materials used to create amazing and unique business cards. The executives at Sensoprint trekked across Europe, Asia and North America searching for original types of paper to offer the widest range of customizable business cards that stimulate the senses.

The business card is the first, and sometimes the only document that professionals exchange when they are intending to do business together. Thus, a business card can be much more than a piece of paper used to share contact information. A card can also build credibility and shows that a company cares about its image towards prospective clients. Sensoprint seeks to consistently raise the creativity and impact of business cards.

Sensoprint users can choose among a huge variety of papers, including wood and metal. By selecting the number of colors, foils, embossing and other finishes they simultaneously get a price estimation for their project. The main advantages of Sensoprint are the wide range of papers, materials, finishes and its competitive prices.

Despite the numerous combinations of materials and finishes, the price simulator works pretty fast. Still, there is always improvement to be made on a website. Sensoprint is aware of that and its team is intending to continuously enrich the visitor's online experience. The team is currently focused on correcting grammatical and orthographic mistakes. In the meantime, the website already allows U.S. entrepreneurs to setup and order fancy and luxurious business cards. Sensoprint store is fully operational.

It is quite easy to place an order. Users start by choosing their paper or material. Once they made their choice, they select quantities and kind of finishes that they need to materialize their graphic design. Then the ordering process can begin in the most traditional way. To ensure a perfect match between selected options, provided files and expectation, Sensoprint checks and normalize the files for free. A control proof is sent at the end of this process to verify all data on the business card before production begins.

Professionals working in graphic design or printing can apply as retailers. This status grants them the access to a permanent discount on Sensoprint products. To become a retailer they can simply make the request on the registration form provided for that purpose. Applications are analyzed and processed one by one, manually, to guarantee exclusive access to effective resellers. Distributors also have the option of being listed on the site.

For more information visit www.sensoprint.us
or call +1 609-786-2401 on opening days from 8:30 to 5:00 Eastern Time

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